• on 31 May 2020

Here is what I have for Today.

Psalm:22:2 Mathew:27:46  Mark 15:34


Here are two of the phrases Jesus uttered on the Cross: “Why have you forsaken me?” and “Father, into your hands I commend my spirit.”  What comes to your mind when you read this and as you reflect on? How can those two go together? Even at his death, Jesus showed us how to trust the Father beyond the circumstances.

Jesus predicted his death and resurrection. It’s one thing to predict the future. It’s quite another to go to the Cross willingly, at least three times, Jesus shared his destiny with the disciples. They didn’t understand. More challenging still is the fact that Jesus embraced this destiny by faith. He knew the Father’s promise of resurrection, but death still lay ahead of him. Do you understand today what the disciples did not understand 2000 yrs ago?
And death was still death, even for Jesus. It was his trust in the Father’s promise that caused him to wager everything he had, his very life. As a man, Jesus modeled how to trust the Father, where do you put your trust Today?
May the Love and Peace of God be with you

Pr. Olango CA.