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Uganda Martyrs Church of Canada Foundation



Uganda Martyrs Church of Canada was founded in 1991. This church became a mission of the United Church of Canada, Toronto Conference, South West Presbytery in 1999. On June 12th, 2011, the members of this church became a congregation and agreed to name the church, the Uganda Martyrs United Church of Canada. We praise the lord in different languages that include English, Swahili, and Uganda’s native languages and culture.

Uganda Martyrs Church of Canada celebrated 10 years in 2002, and in 2012, the church celebrated 20 years in Toronto. The pastoral ministry has been headed by Rev. Dr. Isaac Kawuki-Mukasa, who handed it over to Rev. Frederick Kaaya, and Rev. Kaaya handed it over to Pastor Charles Olango.

Uganda Martyrs Church of Canada was started by Ugandan-born Anglican clergyman by the name of Alex Kasirye-Musoke who was also the first pastor of this church. He was canonically resident in the Diocese of Nairobi, Kenya and had come to pursue a doctoral program at Wycliffe College T.S.T. The Anglican bishop of Toronto meanwhile licensed him to do a pastoral ministry at St. Nicholas Anglican Church in Scarborough and at the same time, Rev. Alex Kasirye-Musoke had begun a pastoral ministry among a small and growing community of Ugandans in GTA.